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Top it with turf, that’s what I say!

Roofs do one of the most important jobs in any structure, which is protecting you from the weathering caused by the elements, and these green examples can literally breathe new life into any building.

Guz Architects – Sky Garden House, Singapore

These amazing living roofs, are an incredible site to behold They have been popular for many years within Europe, but have just started to take it to the top in the US.

They are usually a key feature at the ‘Cities Alive’ conference which takes place each year, this conference sets out to discuss the benefits and strategies of green roof and wall design, installation and maintenance. As people become more aware of the need to protect the environment and provide greener living for large population centres, so the movement towards greener cities grows stronger each passing year.

A recent survey conducted by Green Roofs for Health Cities found that green roof square footage has increased 115 percent since 2009.

Feldman Architecture – Mill Valley Cabins, California

Increasingly owners of all property types from, single story dwellings to gigantic commercial developments are recognizing the environmental benefits of living roofs. As well as the verdant beauty of these unique roofs, they will be an eye-catching feature for all to behold.

The greening of the roof

If you are involved in a green roof project then there are some fundamental considerations that will determine the products and systems that are required to support elements such as a planting scheme. Your first thoughts should be based around whether the roof is to be a publicly accessed roof garden, a recreational space, or a simple roof terrace. The ultimate objective of your roofing project may simply be to create a low maintenance planted or biodiverse roof to provide a ‘back to nature’ feel. You may also want to consider how to introduce a ‘weathered’ look into your design, to avoid that ‘brand new’ vibe that so many new construction projects end up with.

Adding traditional antique style roof weatherings

Think about bringing some traditional roofing style into your new roof structure. This will achieve a lovely antique feel, matching the biodiversity of the roof with some traditional craftsmanship. There has been something of a renaissance in roof weatherings in recent years. Roof Weatherings are custom made metalwork elements, using copper, lead or similar metals, to provide both functional weather protection and a lasting and timeless feel to any roof project. There are few that are truly skilled in the traditional craft of weatherings, but the team at roofing experts like Essex-based RoofingHUT can create bespoke designs in any formable metal according to your individual roofing requirements.

Roofing Hut Custom Made Weatherings

In this way you will be able to incorporate a more antique and uniquely ‘weathered’ feel into your brand new green space, leaving the final impression that the roof has been there forever. The incorporation of weatherings will impart a certain ‘olde worlde’ charm into your project. This is a charm that is difficult to incorporate into roof designs using modern roofing products alone, as they are normally created using mass-production techniques. Modern materials may not, at the end of the day, provide the ‘back to nature’ look that you are hoping to use in your roofing design project.

With custom made roof weatherings you will be able to impart a truly unique ‘one-off’ aged feel to your green roofing project by marrying the look of traditional craftsmanship with your new green space.

Timeless Elegance Naturally!

Custom made weatherings from roofing hut

The use of bespoke custom made weatherings will ultimately provide a feeling of ‘timeless natural elegance’ when allied with your new eco-friendly roof space.

Surely that is exactly what you were striving to achieve in the first place?

For further information regarding the use of weatherings in your new green roof space, contact the experts at RoofingHUT for friendly help and advice regarding your roofing project ideas.







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